You can buy our wines directly at our cellar or make an order and the wines will be delivered directly to your home, contact us for further information.

You can buy Verdicchio Grestio, Verdicchio Tropico and Verdicchio Collinetto also online at

Wines Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC Classico
Verdicchio Grestio Zannotti
Verdicchio Tropico Zannotti
Verdicchio Collinetto Zannotti
Verdicchio Barricato Iris Zannotti
White wine Zannotti
White wine Zannotti
Red wine Zannotti
Marche Sangiovese Borgana Zannotti
Marche Sangiovese Iris Barricato Zannotti
Dessert Wine Zannotti
Vino di Visciola Zannotti
Verdicchio Passito Zannotti